The Organic Question

To the best of our knowledge there are no organic suppliers of silk filled duvets in the U.K. at the present time. Many suppliers may try to pass their duvets off as Organic but in actual fact they are natural, and not organic as no certification has been gained.

Many suppliers assume that because the silk for their duvets is harvested from mulberry trees, and the worms are raised on nothing but a diet of mulberry leaves their product is organic. Sadly this is a misconception and without certification, the products are certainly not organic. The easiest way to determine if the duvet or linen you are considering purchasing is organic is to ask the retailer for proof. If the products are organic they will have documentation to back up their claim and they will proudly display the soil association stamp of approval.

If you know of true organic silk duvets and silk bed linen supplied in the U.K. please get in touch.

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