Silk momme weight

You may have come across a mention of silk momme while looking for silk linen. Momme is the unit used to grade silk quality. It is extremely important to check the momme weight of silk linen before purchase. Silk linen that has a low momme grade will not be as durable as silk linen with a higher grade.

The momme measurement is a standard way of measuring silk. The measurement is taken from a length of silk linen that is 45 inches wide by 100 yards in length. The length of silk is weighed and the resulting weight in pounds is the momme rating. If a length of silk linen 45 inches by 100 yards weighs 10lbs, it will be graded with a 10 momme. If it weighs 22lbs, then the silk is graded as 22 momme.

Cheap silk sheets almost always have a low momme weight. This is because physically less silk has been used to make the article and therefore it can be sold cheaply. This however is a false economy as cheap silk sheets just don't last! If the retailer you are considering doesn't know the momme weight or plays down it's importance beware!

Good silk bed linen should have a momme weight of over 16 at the least and a thread count of 400 or higher. There are and always will be cheaper versions but as with most things in life, we get what we pay for.

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