Silk Care

Silk Linen Care

It is a fact that good silk linen will outlast cotton and synthetic bed linen when properly cared for.

The most common mistake made in caring for silk linen is incorrect cleaning techniques. Silk linen needs to be washed in warm not hot water and a silk detergent should be used.

Silk linen often has a very high thread count and as a result is susceptible to pulling when washed. To ensure this doesn't happen when washing your silk in a washing machine, protect it by placing it inside a cotton duvet cover or something similar.

Silk Duvet Care

There are so many advantages of silk duvets they are almost difficult to list. One major advantage is how easy silk duvets are to care for. Silk filled duvets, because of the nature of silk do not harbour dust mites and therefore are naturally healthier than conventionally filled duvets.

Because silk duvets allow for far better heat regulation than down or polyester duvets there is very little sweat produced throughout the night. Sweat is a major contributor to bacteria in the bedroom. Less sweat means less bacteria and less cleaning.

Silk filled duvets simply require less cleaning than conventional duvets. In fact all the cleaning they really need is to be aired every few months on the line or balcony. This rejuvenates the silk inside the duvet and dries out any moisture that many be retained my the silk. All silk filled duvets can be spot cleaned but for full cleaning they need to be professionally cleaned. This is because the silk inside the duvet is susceptible to high heat that can be generated in washing machines and tumble dryers.

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